Polyphase meters

We offer a complete line of both electronic polyphase meters. Our polyphase meters are high accuracy IEC electricity meters for residential, and commercial and industrial applications. No matter where you are in the world, Elster has a polyphase meter that is suited for your application and helps you realise your business objectives. With the communication options and support software available for polyphase meters, these meters can be easily incorporated into automated meter reading systems.
A1100 Meter
The A1100 is ideally suited to domestic, commercial or light industrial polyphase metering applications and has the option of a liquid crystal display or mechanical register.more

Complex Multi Tariff Metering with Flexible Modular Communications and the option of Load Profile Recording.more

A1350 electronic polyphase meter
for light commercial and residential customers (available up to end of 2010)more

A1700 Meter
The A1700 offers outstanding measurement and complex tariff capability for industrial and commercial applications.more